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When I try to download software onto laptop, it says that the Wiimote device was not found in HID. That is on the second version.

When I did the bluetooth setup wizard, I got the first screen but I didn't find the "I want to find a specific bluetooth device, blah, blah, blah" I am using an IOGear GBU221/321 USB Bluetooth adapter with its own software. I also installed the BlueSoleil_2.3_standard_Release_060728[1].zip but on the status bar on the bottom of the main window sais, "invalid operation." Then when I click the orange sphere while holding down the 1&2 buttons on the wiimote, it doesn't do a thing. It's like it's not making a connection between the adapter, wiimote, and itself. Please help me with this. I'm trying to surprise my science teacher!

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