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General Software Talk / looking for a program
« on: July 18, 2008, 11:44:48 AM »
Lately I have acquired a 10x10 overhead projector that I am going to use as an LCD projector, but my LCD is 15 inches. I have been searching all around with no luck trying to find a program or setting that will allow me to see a 10x10 box on my 15in monitor. Due to my lack of experience I don't really know what to call this, so searching is hopeless. Has anyone here heard of such an application or setting?


I have been using the whiteboard for a few days and I really want to use it to its fullest as far as replacing the mouse and allowing my working at the PC to be more physical. I thought of this idea where you could have the cursor be a small circle with two or three buttons and a pointer coming out the top or side. This way you could click once to have the cursor appear like it is now, but you could move the pen to whatever button (left or right click) before you released the switch on the pen. Something like this would allow for left clicking without toggle or extra buttons on your pen.

PS. It would be nice if someone designed and manufactured the ultimate whiteboarding pen, with multiple buttons. Right now if I am using the on screen keyboard and I cannot do shortcuts like Shift+cntrl+4 very easily. I am wondering if I should scrap a keyboard and make a small pad that held only keys that I would use for shortcuts. Then if I was working standing up it could easily be strapped to me somehow. I don't know about this I have just been brainstorming to get as good with the pens as I am with a mouse and keyboard.

I have been trying for days and hours and am having no luck. The software that came with the dongle says "your blue tooth device could not begin searching for devices" when I click to "add a blue tooth device" I have tried Bluesoliele with no luck AT ALL. I have tried Thex's software, I have tried changing the code that atom riot suggested with no luck. Can anyone tell me what my best move is at this point? I am feeling crazy not getting this to work. any help would be highly appreciated.

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