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General Discussion / IR Camera Distortion
« on: July 09, 2008, 09:10:09 AM »
Does the camera return normalized undistorted IR dot positions ?
I would assume it doesn't and just return raw ccd processing results.
Did you hear of anybody who tried to compute the typical OpenCV calibration file for the wiimote camera ?

(You need a disto calibration file if you really want to get accurate position estimation)

Does the way the list of the (up to 4) tracked IR dots is returned by the library/wiimote follows any logic ?
Can I make any assumption like :

-- the wiimote tries to track them like keeping first found first in the list ?
-- they get sorted from left to right then top to bottom in the camera image ?
-- they are sorted by decreasing size
-- cannot make any assumtion, can be totally random, with a potential flip every frame...

Does the library/wiimote have any internal state that makes it remember a previous found dot to assign it again the same order.

My Config : Bluetooth USB Key : Belkin USB Key F8T013XX1 (that is what is written on the key)  with Belkin WIDCOMM driver version
Windows XP. Dell Dimension 9200.

I, with pain succeded in connecting to my 2 wiimotes.
I ran my API that connected to both and it worked quite well.
The day after, it worked again.
So I wanted to test that I really had control over the whole process of bluetooth connection : big mistake !

Good Connection is indicated when the icons show a green arrow.

I disconnected the two wiimotes from bluetooth (deactivated the peripheral).
I removed the battery from one to be sure there was no bad interference.
And now, in the connection process, the green arrow appears only for a fraction of a second while selecting the service. The tray icon remains green a little longer, but this changes nothing.

Yes I tried to keep pressing 1+2, with no success.
I tried reinstalling the drivers with no success.
The batteries are Full.

And worst of all, I have now an info bubble that pops up over the tray icon 10sec after the failed process that says :

Personnal Bluetooth Code Mandatory.
The peripheral nintendo RVL-CNT-01 tries to connect to this computer. Click here to autorize the connection. To refuse,  discard this invite.

If I click on the bubble, a box appears. (here the french version)

It says "they have to be paired" blabla , OK/CANCEL/HELP...

Since I have no code, that leads me nowhere.
It really looks like over the count of connections, it was getting worse and worse. I mean : harder and harder to connect. I mean : the old one was harder to connect, then both, then the first got impossible, then the second one (Just an impression in the chaos).

Any Idea ?

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