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IR Pens / Middle Click/Scrolling
« on: October 12, 2008, 09:10:11 PM »
Has anyone seen any external device ...compatible with mac... that allows for middle click/scrolling? I work with Maya and a middle mouse button is absolutely imperative, and the scroll - well not to that degree, but still needed.

I did some browsing through several mac forums, and havent even found software for middle click emulation through a keyboard.

You'd think it'd exist considering the previouse version of the Apple mouse only had one button!

So, I've got a working battery, 2 working wiimotes, and detection on the screen with uwe schmidt's mac adaptation of the software, everything's perfect. Then all of a sudden, it just stopped working. I have no idea why, the wiimotes are detected, the battery works, I just got another LED just for kicks, and yeah - ZIP. NADA. no detection.

Why may this be hmmmm...

I tried deleting the two wiimotes from the bluetooth prefs and my macbook found em again, but no dice. Any help sure appreciated.

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