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IR Pens / Pre-made Wiimote stand & mount available (inexpensive)
« on: September 08, 2008, 02:49:24 PM »
Hi, I guess this isn't the best place for this, since it is not strictly an IR pen, but nobody is really going to be looking at the forums for Other hardware, and most people who need pens also need stands for the wiimote.

This site has a stand and mount that was made specifically for the wiimote, and it is pretty cheap (only $3.99).  They also have bluetooth adapter that works with the wiimote, wireless sensor bar, wiimote gun, and IR head tracker for desktop VR.

Someone asked on the forums (pretty much the only product question there), and it says that they have eventual plans to build IR pens, and if the pricing for those is in-line with the rest of the things on the site, it will be very affordable (and designed specifically for whiteboard applications).

EDIT: adding picture

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