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How could we pinch the whiteboard with two LED to simulate a mouse scroll? I'm thinking of pinching a Google Maps to zoom in and out; as Google Maps already reacts to the mousewheel it should be easy to implement. I'm also thinking of pinching a picture to zoom in and out, like Microsoft Surface or the iPhone. I'm also thinking of pinching a web page to zoom in and out; as browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox already react to CTRL+mousewheel it should also be easy to implement.

(For completeness, I also posted this feature request on Uwe Schmidt's Wiimote Whiteboard project at

/Thibaud Lopez Schneider

IR Pens / IR pens in Chicago
« on: July 25, 2008, 07:44:20 PM »

I finally constructed my first IR pen and it works beautifully. Now I propose my help to anyone desiring to construct an IR pen in the area of Chicago. I cannot make pens for you or send them to you by mail, but you can meet me in Chicago if you live here as well and we will construct the IR pen together. I have the necessary tools (drill and soldering station) and I know where to buy the electronic components.

For every pen we make together I will make another one and will give it away to anyone who wants to come here and get one, for just the cost of the components, no labor fees. Right now I don't have any pens available so please somebody come help me first. That's my little contribution to Johnny Lee's fantastic idea. Ideally his idea will spread to every school, and hopefully someday somebody will erect a statue or name a street after Johnny Lee.


/Thibaud Lopez Schneider


The design of my IR pen is similar to that of UndCon (bra jobbat Niclas) here: and that of others. I prefer a lever switch versus a push button because the force required on the finger is smaller, so the mouse pointer doesn't move while I press the button (stillness is necessary to double-click). My IR pen uses the following components:

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