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IR Pens / My totally awesome IR pen
« on: August 20, 2008, 11:05:54 PM »

Yeah... Aren't they awesome!  You can even replace the AA battery just by popping off the cap.  It's simple, and awesome. 

The cap was supposed to fit on in the tube, over the battery, without the electrical tape, but I didn't put the little spring on far enough inside the tube before the epoxy inside hardened. 

Hello!  I'm new here! 

For my birthday a couple days ago, I got a new laptop!  It came with Vista, but I was fairly closed-minded to using it, so I wanted to install XP.  In Vista, one of the first things I tried was the Johnny Lee Wii Whiteboard software, and it worked great!  After XP was installed, it didn't.  I used the exact same USB Bluetooth Adapter and Bluesoleil. 

In XP, Bluesoleil said that the Wii remote was connected, but both the Wiimote library and Johnny Lee's software gave an error: No Wiimotes found on HID list.

Thanks in advance!  Once I get this working, there are so many new things that I can do with the Wii remote!  It's the ultimate computer peripheral. 

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