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Im stumped, i spent atleast 6/7 hours yesterday trying to connect my wiimote, first I did it on my laptop, semi-clean install of windows; installed bluesoleil, worked fine, It found the wiimote and connected without problem.
I then tried the exact same thing on a completely new install of windows on my pc, but every time I try to connect to the wiimote via Bluesoleil it cant find the services. It finds the wiimote and gets the name of it but cant connect.
I've tried reinstalling BlueSoleil, using windows original bluetooth stacks, and widcomm drivers dont recognise my bluetooth dongle.

Im using a Belkin F8T009 which is said to work with bluesoleil.

You guys know much more about this subject than me so if anyones got ideas, fire away!

I have one final idea, and that is to start off fresh, so if anyones got a program which can remove all my bluetooth drivers COMPLETELY, i'd be very greatful.

I'm on a dual boot so ive tried this in Vista and XP both with no luck.

This is a pic of the problem:

Thanks in advance

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