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Hey Guys!

I just sucessfully got my Wiimote working with my Dell Laptop.  I was able to use the WiimoteLib 1.5.2 demo successfully, and the WiiYourself! 1.01a demo both successfully!

Now, however, I would like to know if anyone who has used these programs, have noticed if there is any lack of functionality with their Wiimote and their Wii system!

I've noticed that my wiimote doesn't automatically pair with my Wii anymore, and I can't use the power button on it to turn the Wii on or off.  When everything's connected, I can use the Wiimote normally, but the Power button on it only turns itself off.

My other Wiimote that I did not do anything with, is still able to turn the Wii on and off, and automatically pairs with it.  I must go into the Wii Remote Settings and click to manually connect all of the Wiimotes I want to use.

Could this just be an issue of the Wiimote becoming unSynced with the Wii?  Using something about connecting the Wiimote tothe Wii with the use of the Red button on the back?  I can't remember what that function was for, but any help or clarification would be helpful!

Even if the answer IS, yes, by using this software, you've permanently screwed your Wiimote for certain connectnion issues, I'd like to know so I can get a new one and have this for my computer use, but if I can get it working to how it was before I paired it with my laptop, that would be prime!

Thank you!

~Werel Wolf

Hey, I have the same issues with Matt.

I am currently running
  • Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop
  • Dell Wireless 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology
  • Windows XP with SP2
  • Latest Device Drivers

I have found Uwe's Java Whiteboard program to work, it automatically pairs the Wiimote, it doesn't need to be paired previously.

When I pair my Wiimote, I am able to connect it by
  • Opening the Bluetooth Wizard in My Bluetooth Places
  • Selecting a device I want blah blah
  • Selecting the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01
  • Skipping the Password prompt
  • Finishing with the device selected as a HID service ( It's icon is that of a mouse and keyboard )

When pairing it that way, the four LEDs ( or however much battery power I currently have ) flash the entire time it's paired.

When it's paired with Uwe's program, they don't flash, the program instructs it to have the first player only light lighted.

My Issue

Is when I pair it on it's own, and try to use any other program, it tells me no HID found, even though in the My Bluetooth Places, the Nintendo wiimote is found, and with the two little green arrows pointing to each other signifying it's paired.

How can I get it to be recognised?!

I don't exactly see a Bluetooth HID device in my Device List, should I?  Neither are there any game controller profiles made, or keyboard or mice profiles set up for the wiimote.

I am currently installing and trying to run BlueSoleil again, but I can see my current bluetooth software works, I don't like BS, don't want to use it if I can avoid it.

Update:  I have installed BlueSoleil, and I could not get it to find the Wiimote.  When I tried to start Uwe's Java program, it gave me an error saying "Bluetooth failed to initialize.  There is probably a problem with your Bluetooth Stack or API."  Because of this, I am going to uninstall BlueSoliel and return to my previous settings.  I'll stay with this for a little while in case I get an expedient response from the boards here.

Update:  I just uninstalled BlueSoleil and got my settings back to as they were before.  Uwe's Java Application works, and I can pair it with my laptop thus putting the Wiimote in a state of it's LEDs flashing, but it's still not properly registering as a device in my Device Manager. 

When it's paired just normally through the Bluetooth Setup Wizard, it showed up as a Bluetooth Virtual HID Keyboard in my Device Manager under the Hunam Interface Device tree, with no change under the Bluetooth tree.  When it's paired via Uwe's program, there's no added, changed or removed profiles in my Device Manager.

~Werel Wolf

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