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IR Pens / Bounty: IR-glasses for head tracking
« on: September 25, 2008, 05:31:53 PM »
I saw the Johnny vids about the head tracking, and turns out, there's a Compiz plugin especially for that.

I'm already using the dual pens that Jmitchell sold me, and damn.. They work nice ;)

Well, now I'm looking for a decent set of goggles as Johnny uses. Not to insult the pen makers, but is 20$ a fair price for glasses like that?

I'm trying to get a maker for these up and running, not create fighting on a fair price, so please be nice :D That, and holding 2 IR-pens up to my ears makes me look more of a dork.

I do remember seeing clip-on ir tracker by some company that sells a head-tracking setup. I think it was 34.95$ and it was on sale. It used 3 irleds in a vertical position, rather than horiz, but that's quibbling over small stuff.

So, the big question: Can it be done, and what's a fair price?

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