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IR Pens / Pressure sensative "real" IR pen
« on: February 27, 2008, 02:58:48 PM »
Ok, this is an idea that i've been thinking about lately, and finally came up with a cheap and easy solution.  The result is an IR pen that is on while you're writing and off while you're not.  It uses the spring inside a pen to push the connections apart, and pressure on the whiteboard to push them together, so the IR is on when the connections are together and you are writing, and off when they are apart (it's sitting on the couch).

I've created an extremely crude drawing of it.

Here's what you need:
A plastic pen (with a plastic tip that screws off)
Small wire you can find
Glue of some form (super glue would probably work, though this is still just a theory)
Dead (or not) Whiteboard marker

and tools to do the idea.

So far this is an idea, I just fit it together and haven't created the pen yet.  If you have any ideas to improve this let me know.

I've put most of the instructions on the drawing. 

Note that when the Pen Tip, and the "Something Metal" touch the battery should then flow through the IR LED, so setup the wiring accordingly.  Also the back of the pen is attached to the IR LED so that it won't move, use whatever u want to make this happen, probably super glue again.

File down the tip of the plastic pen top to make this thing a little more sensitive if you want too (this brings the 2 metal pieces closer together, and requires the spring to move a smaller amount).

Here's what it's missing:

You need something on the IR to keep it from falling out of the hole could be anything smaller than the lip of the LED, I'll give pics of the real thing once I find a suitable solution to this.  Other than that it's just hooking the metal on the IR to the correct stuff and including a battery, this is easy enough so I didn't go into it.

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