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Permanent or automatic wiimote connection (benpaddlejones please come in)

Hi Ben and all,

I and a friend of me who is an electronic engineer have been thinking a solution to overcome the automatic connection problem, our plan is to make a small dedicate USB device and a windows program that utilize Thex's wiiconnect software to "simulate" a FULLY automatic wiimote connection, which in theory needs no human intervention at all to connect wiimote to PC.
If the USB device works, in future we want to update it to bluetooth device which can get rid of the USB cable..

But before we input the much needed time and effort into this, I want to check with those of you who are more familiar with the wiimote device and the progress of wiimote crack ---- do you think that wiimote firmware crack will soon be furthered enough so it can be permanently connected as the other bluetooth devices? if so the wiimote can just stay connected and our device will be no use and it is a waste of our time.

I have seen people discussing this topic in a few threads, such as Ben's:

Perminant Wiimote Sync (Do you know how to directly enter a hexadecimal passkey)

So would anyone give me some advices, should I just wait the wiimote to be fully cracked and the permanent connection problem solved, or go ahead with our development?


Wiimote Smoothboard / wii smoothboard VS. wiimote whiteboard ?
« on: November 26, 2008, 10:48:27 AM »
Hi all, hi benpaddlejones, got another quesiton :)

I have set up my own wii IWB and I've used both Boon Jin's smoothboard and Johnny's wiimote whiteboard V3, I have found that Boon Jin's software seems to have a much better resolution than Johnny's, when I draw a diagonal line slowly in Boon Jin's software, the line is nearly straight with only minor aliasing; but when I draw the same diagonal line in Johnny's software, there are large steps all along the line, the steps are as high as 1.5-2cm on my 84" screen. And it is much harder to write in Johnny's software than Boon Jin's.

However, when I write in Boon Jin's smoothboard, the line breaks very often, by contrast, the line never breaks when I write in Johnny's software.

So I'm curious to know, it is the same pen and same screen I have used, why the line breaks in Boon Jin's software but not in Johnny's? maybe it is because the 2 softwares have totally different algorithm on calculating the center of the touch point? and why Boon Jin's software gives a much higher resolution than Johnny's?

Another interesting thing I have found out is, when I write on the screen with the butt of the pen, with the LED facing exactly the wiimote camera, I get very good resolution in both Boon Jin's and Johnny's software.

If anyone could help me understand this, I may be able to develop a pen that exerts full potential of  wiimote and the software, then share my idea and contribute to the wiimote IWB community :)

Hi everyone, hi benpaddlejones, I got a question for you again  :)

I have tried to use wiimote whiteboard with 2 Chinese whiteboard softwares I found online, they are generic whiteboard softwares, which means they are supposed to work with any generic whiteboard, as opposed to the software provided by interactive whiteboard manufacturers which work with their own hardware only.
The 2 whiteboard software I've tried work with mouse without any problem, but they just don't work with my wiimote whiteboard, the cursor of my IR pen disappears as soon as it comes inside the area of the software, and the click or movement do not function at all, but when I use the mouse to move the cursor out of the area, the IR pen starts to work again.
The 2 software I have found both need to pay for, what I got is the demo version, but I don't think that has anything to do with the problem.
It seems the wiimote whiteboard conflicts with other commercial whiteboard software? does anyone have experience on this?
I want to call the support team of the software tomorrow but I don't know what technical questions they would ask and how to answer that, I am not a programmer, and I think they have never heard of wiimote whiteboard, could anyone tell me what they would need to know about wiimote whiteboard so they could help me fix this?


I have played with the wiimote board for a while on my 22" LCD monitor, today I've got a new projector and started to make a real whiteboard out of it, but it did not work so great, when I used it on my 22" monitor, the wiimote is placed about 1m to the screen and ir pen, it worked very well, I can draw continous lines on the monitor without broken, and maybe 99 out of 100 times the click worked; but today when I used it on a 60" projection screen with the wiimote being placed 2m from the screen, I could not draw any continouse line, the line becomes many small sections, it's broken everywhere, and maybe 2 out of 5 times the click does not work, it is very disappionting, I had high hope on the white board but now I'm quite dispressed....

Can benpaddlejones or anyone else who's used wiimote on a large projection screen tell me please, how does it work on your big screens (60" or larger)? can you draw smooth and good continuous lines? where could I possibly go wrong? I have made 3 pens, 2 with some generic IR LED's I found in local electronic market, 1 is Vashey 7300, I could not find the 6400 everyone is using, but the rating of the 7300 seems just fine, however my favorite LED is the generic LED, I drive it with 200mA and it is very bright, I am not sure if the LED is the reason.

Could it be my wiimote? maybe I'm so unfortunate that I got a under-performed WIIMOTE? I don't know because this is the only one I have.

But if anyone can tell me and assure me that WIIMOTE whiteboard is not supposed to work like this, it is supposed to work well on a 60" or 70" or larger screen, I can just buy a new wiimote or experiment with new LED's further more with confidence, thank you!

Hi, I am from China, I want to make a wiimote whiteboard for my 5-years-old niece, now I can use the device already with the software of John and Boon Jin's smoothboard, but my problem is, everytime I start the pc I have to delete the "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01", then search for and add it again, otherwise I just can't get the WIImote connect to the PC, the following is what I did:   

My bluetooth dungle comes with a Bluesoliel stack but I could not get it work, so I have been using the windowsXP stack which seems to work fine, but every time I turn off the PC, the blue lights on wiimote go out, and when the PC starts, the blue lights stay off, and the PC does not connect to wiimote automatically, so I press the 1 and 2 buttons together to sync it, I do this because I don't know anything else I can do to activate or turn on the wiimote, as I do so the 4 blue lights start to blink, but still the PC has no response, when I start the smoothboard or John's software they show that wiimote is not connected.

Then the only thing I can do to connect to wiimote is delete the "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" from my bluetooth device list, then search for and add new device again, when the new device is added, the wiimote will be connected to the pc, and stay connected until I turn off the pc, then I have to start over all this again.

So my question is, how can I connect wiimote to the PC again after reboot when it is already added to the device list? do I have to delete it and add it every time I turn on the PC?

I am a newbie on wiimote and any bluetooth connection, I have looked at many posts and searched the forum for a resolution, but I can't even see anyone asking the similar question, I wonder if my question is too dumb to ask? I do appologize if I have asked a dumb question, but I do appreciate if anyone can help me on this! Thanks a lot in advance!

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