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Today the r4i gold offical site release the new r4i gold deluxe edition 4.0b1 .

Quoted from the offical site:

Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released ! (2014-05-29)
change log
Games Update:
1. V4.5+ Games
2. MH4

The coming firmware V4.0B2 will include the following:
1. Multi-ROM
2. EmuNand
3. Online Eshop

Download Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1:

However, the 4.0b1 just support the v4.5 games and MH4, the 4.0b2 which support Multi-ROM, EmuNand
and Online Eshop still hasn't been released.  So if you want to buy 3ds game card,  then suggest you better buy mt card and gateway 3ds. I have the mt card this one:  After all they are more popular and support  Multi-ROM, eshop games and so on. How do you guys think about it?

So just as the title says , Gateway 3ds team  trying to get 7.2.0 crypto working in EMUNAND. Do you believe it?  or do you have confidence to gateway 3ds team this time. Whatever, gateway 3ds team is great.

More info about gateway 3ds , you can check here:

Posted by Gateway 3ds offical team on May 14, 2014

We thank everyone for their praise and feedback regarding our latest firmware which brought homebrew and online play support.

With each new firmware update we prove to be unrivalled in our originality, ingenuity and support.
Innovation and fantastic product support are the key ideas that sets us apart from the imitators.
These key ideas are what ensure our community will prosper.

Yes, we heard the feedback about the savegame mechanism, and we have plans to improve this and bring it to a whole new level of support.
Yes, we heard about the latest 7.2.0 system firmware, and there is no need to worry.

We have been working on the new encryption puzzle added by the later system firmwares but as they say, the proof is in the pudding.
And unfortunately the pudding is not ready yet, but we know it will be delicious.
This is our top priority right now so please bear with us while we stir and work our magic!

And as always, support the innovators not the imitators!

Today  Nintendo team released the newest v7.2.0-17 firmware, maybe some flashcarts will be blocked again.

Have confimed that two 3ds flashcarts can work V7.2.0-17:

   R4i gold 3ds
   Supercard DSTwo

This is why r4i gold 3ds and dstwo are both  the best R4i 3DS flashcarts.  R4i Gold 3DS was great and can past the latest update one by one directly or just don't need any update. Supercard DSTwo even  hasn't been blocked from it born. So choosing R4i Gold 3DS and Supercard DStwo is the right choice.

Notice:  Currently we still can not make sure whether this new firmware would block some flashcart or not, but will test it soon. So don't update your 3DS before you are sure your card can work the newest V7.2.0-16 firmware.

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