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IR Pens / IR Wand Pens
« on: February 16, 2009, 05:28:34 PM »
I got this idea from a commercial product which had the IR mounted on the end of a retractable telescopic pointer.


I have used the wiimote whiteboard in my classroom for over half the school year now and have noticed that:

  • students have trouble triangulated themselves outside of the camera and the IR LED
  • students don't hold the pen in a favorable angle for IR detection

So, I see the AV Rover people have thought of this in their design, thus the telescopic mount.

Now I have a telescopic pointer, but I was not willing to sacrifice it, so I just used a wooden dowel rod mounted in the now infamous dry erase marker.

This is my 3rd custom pen, and I will say probably the best yet.  I made two types, a short for writing, and a long for mostly pointing and easy annotations.

Here it is all apart:

I got tired of buying double AAA battery housings and having to cut them in half so I just made my own from some extra "chromosome" popsicle sticks with some old electronics battery connections

Here are the momentary switches that I have been using, in the past I have mounted a popsicle stick over top which make it easier to engage.

The dowel rod had the LED mounted at the end which is partially split down the center so the + and - IR LED leads fit in.  This one I put electrical tape all the way down.

Final version?

Here is the longer "pointer" version

Getting fancy with the wires

Momentary switch hot clued into place for perfect anatomical usage

General Hardware Talk / WiiMote / Wii Remote AD to DC powered Setup Guide
« on: February 09, 2009, 03:46:49 PM »
Alright, here is my setup.  I also have an erase pushing down on the red sync button so that when the power adapter is plugged in, the fixed ceiling mounted wiimote does not need to be synced by pressing the 1 & 2 buttons.

The power source:  Mutli-out DC adapter set to 3 volts, I have taped over the adjustment to prevent accidental over volting.

The wire is from the old analog CD-ROM output to sound card cable:

Springs with power cable mounted in a cut to fit eraser (insulator):

Wires soldiered on, although the one has broke lose, it is still fixed around the spring, complete circuit:

Placing it in:

Fits snug, + on left, - on right:

Cover back on:

Mounted high, yes that is a test tube clamp:

2x Wii Remotes (IR pen whiteboard camera and presenter)
4x IR pens (see below)
Dell 2100MP Projector
Fujitsu Tablet PC
Bluetooth Dongle
3volt AC to DC adapter (static wiimote power source)
speaker cable wire

SmoothBoard 0.46
various textbook CD-ROM interactive Flash based

The setup:

Note: the bungee is just there for piece of mind.   The projector is securely mounted by thee counter screws.

Wired sensor bar for presenter WiiRemote (above whiteboard)

AC to DC powered WiiRemote

IR Pen v1 (radioshack momentary switch and LED)

IR Pen v2 #1 (Vishay TSAL 6400, circuit  momentary switch)

IR Pen v2 #2

IR Touch Pen (experimental)
modded push key chain incandescent light bulb

LED  moded to light build screw hardware

This does not work except for clicking, the dragging action causes the IR led circuit to not always be complete and the  light flickers.  This current configuration just does not work with wiring, although clicking is great.


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