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low light spot=track cursor
bright light spot=click & drag

If this can be implemented (although I guess it's already
done by someone here?), Minority report-like control may
become more comfortable, accurate, and practical with
a brightness-controlling momentary switch embedded in a glove
(and maybe actuated by the thumb).

In my opinion it will be fantastic to see it working that way.
Thanks for the great job, guys!

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / SOLVED - Any solution for XP x64?
« on: October 28, 2008, 12:23:40 AM »
I have spent hours figuring out what's wrong with my Kensington 33348 USB 2.0 dongle on XP x64, finding out BlueSoleil and MS stacks didn't work at all.  With Widcomm stack, I found out it's certainly communicating with my Wii remote because if I use the "Add a Bluetooth device" menu command, I can make a connected state icon and it also goes back to unconnected state icon when I press Wii power button.  Everything is very reproducible.  The only problem is that Wii remote is not recognized in the software I tried (Smoothboard from the Boon Jin and another) with the four blue leds blinking even long after the connection is apparently made. 

I knew that XP x64 had some problem with Wii remote by reading Johnny C. Lee's intro page but I didn't know it is this tricky.  Has anyone succeeded with other brand BT dongle on XP x64?  Any help or comment???  Please???

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