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IR Pens / Your advice
« on: January 21, 2008, 12:56:46 PM »
Im trying to make the whole WiiWhiteboard programme work. And everything is fine, now i only need to make a nice IR-pen.

But i don't know what kind components i should use... Here's a list of thing's i'll need:

-led (how strong, how many amps, voltage, etc.)
-push button switch (how many voltage etc.)
-battery holder (this will be the main issue; what kind of battery should i use? AA, 1.5V or AAA? how will it fit inside the pen?)
-wires (well, this wont be hard :P)

Then i will need to put the stuff in a pen. But ive been looking but it's hard to find pens big enough to hold AAA batteries (that are the tiny ones).

I really like the image of the pen from this topic:
It seems nice and compact. Im aiming for that kind of a result.

Well, thanks in advance!

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