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new version is available

NEW Version 3.1

What is new:
-better exporting to csv (excel) file

you can download it from here:

you need also install this to get it works:


[update] [5/01/2011]
to run new version you have to install this:

[update] [22/12/2010]
new alpha version is here:

new video:

Hi m8s

This is new version of wiimote analyser.
Now it is called g-force analyser.

It is completely rewritten. New features have been added.

This is time restricted version, so it expire some day when new version came.


If you like my program and you find it useful please go to my web
Waiting for your feedback.

you can download it here:

Programmers Den / FourPointCalibration library
« on: January 14, 2009, 07:17:08 PM »
There are a lot of question about four point calibration so I created dll to make it as simple as possible.

Code: [Select]
VB .Net

 Dim calibration As New four_point_callibration.four_point_calibration

 'we must fill in two matrices:
 'One of the coordinates of points on the screen. In this case, they are the corners of the screen (1024x768).

Dim corners(,) As Double = {{1, 1}, _
                                        {1024, 1}, _
                                        {1024, 768}, _
                                        {1, 768}}

'Second  matrix contains points read from the wiimote. Important! points have to be in the same order as in the first matrix

 Dim wii_points(,) As Double = {{x1, y1}, _
                                                            {x2, y2}, _
                                                            {x3, y3}, _
                                                            {x4, y4}}

calibration.do_calibration(wii_points, corners)

'end of calibration

'now  we can  get the  coordinates indicated point

  Dim x As Double = calibration.get_x(WiimoteState.IRState.IRSensors(0).RawPosition.X, WiimoteState.IRState.IRSensors(0).RawPosition.Y)
  Dim y As Double = calibration.get_y(WiimoteState.IRState.IRSensors(0).RawPosition.X, WiimoteState.IRState.IRSensors(0).RawPosition.Y)


'to display any matrix in text format you can use:
dim a as string = calibration.MakeDisplayable(corners)

Let me know if it works

General Discussion / distance from Sensor Bar
« on: December 14, 2008, 10:43:09 AM »
How to calculate distance from Sensor Bar?
could you give me some examples ?

I found this:
Code: [Select]
Now, we can obtain the ecuations of both lines, from wiimote to each IR diode, but we need a value for the depth. After a couple of failed attempts using the diode size detected by the camera, the solutions was take some measurements, composing a table with pairs: (distance to wiimote , distance of the IR dots in the camera space). With this table you can make a simple numerical regression, and realize that the ecuation is just a parametriced first order inverse function, something like

f(x) = k.x^-1

where x is the distance between the IR dots in camera space, f(x) is the depth from the camera of the IR diode, and k is a parameter depending on the distance of the IR diodes in real world terms.

The tracking using this technique was better than I spected, with very low error, about 2 or 3 centimeters in a general case. In extreme cases, as very very close to the camera, or very far, the error increases, of course.

Could someone explain this to me?

Update 18/12/2008   This is still a beta version.
- couple new functions

Update 17/12/2008   This is still a beta version.
I spent a couple of hours on this project and add what you said, but not all. If you like the program and you want to motivate me to continue to work on it, please donate or check my other programs:

1. The current time is 0:00:00 can extend so brooken down more 0:00:00:00? Then in excel it is a simple current time verses last time to get a time line reference to graph from. - done

2. Can you include an option to average so user can select beteen 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1. This will allow for accurate calculations for accute events and manageable data for long term events.- done

3. Start timer (as already suggested). User selects start in 30seconds, press "A" button, starts logging in 30seconds- done

4. Log timer (as already suggested). User selcts time frame (say 30 seconds) log only records for 30 seconds- done

Small update.
-I added the button that opens wii_log.txt in Excel

This is still a beta version. There is no error handling, etc. More features soon.

Hello everyone.
I could not find a good program, which draws the acceleration in real time. So I wrote a small program.

If you find a bug let me know.



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