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Hey everyone

New here so first things first, Hi!! lol

I'm doing some work on the jonny lee head tracking demo but I'm having one very very large problem at the moment. The demo I'll be doing will be done on a projector screen and as such the user will be say 10m away from the screen, and currently the wiimote is struggling to pick up the IR LED's this is partly to do with the viewing angle of the LED's and partially to do with the intensity not being strong enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this? I have a very vague understand of electronics but no specifics about reading the datasheets for LED's.

My current set of glasses have 9 LED's put on some curved plastic of each side of the glasses (My attempt to fix the viewing angle issue which hasn't worked.

So yeah any suggestions would be great because at the moment I'm a bit in the dark.

Many thanks


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