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IR Pens / Compact IR Pen
« on: January 11, 2008, 03:17:16 PM »
Here's my completed whiteboard pen for the wiimote hack.

I made this using only a AAA rechargeable battery, a micro push switch, an IR LED (20mA 1.3V supply), and a lot of locktite! (see below). The LED is from Rapid Electronics (see datasheet with a peak bandwidth of 940 nm. It fits snug in the end of the pen, with the aid of locktite, and is then connected to the push switch mounted on the side of the finger grip. I drilled a small 2.5mm hole in the side of the pen to pass the wires through. the problem I then had was ensuring a good connection with the battery while making it easy to replace. the end of the pen fits tight while remaining still easy enough to remove. I used a spring loaded probe glued in the top cap of the pen (gold bit of bottom photo) soldered to a wire to make contact to the positive side of the battery. I then used a spade connector, as used in car wiring, and cut a slot in the pen just above the grip for it to pass through; this will make contact with the negative side of the battery. To complete the circuit I soldered a wire to the spade connector and glued the whole lot to the pen.

Just need to get the software setup to use it, in the mean while I tested it using the sensitivity screen on the wii and all is good.

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