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These are the hurdles I've jumped and now I've got it working! You may or may not have these problems but these were my solutions:

* I'm using THIS bluetooth sucker for my laptop:  Cost me about 5$ with shipping.

*edit your config.dat and assign your computer/laptops vertical screen size in mm, get a tape measure and use google to convert,

*Program will most likely CRASH ON START  if you don't Install the Direct X SDK everyone's talking about (don't remember link, search)

*I was getting a freezey blue screen until I Used the exact version of Bluesoleil that is used in the guide 6.2.227

*connect your remote using bluesoleil (easy once youve got the right version, tip: it was double clicks for me where it said "click bla bla bla..." Connect the remote to your bluetooth and then run the VR program.

*use your laptop and an RGB cable to output to your TV.  You want your laptop mirroring the view, look for an assignment to one of your function buttons on the laptop to do so (drove me crazy for a while with the extended desktop before I figured out it was a button that changes the setting) I had to leave my laptop @ 60hz I believe, for the output display to work.

TADA! CONGRATS! You're done and finally reach the conclusion that ....

It doesn't look nearly as impressive as the video.  Meh.
Stereoscopic viewing, eyes, cameras not recording in stereo, unlike our eyes, therefore the "gimmicky effect" with the cam .  Waa-waa.

BUT keeping one eye closed (aka mimicking a camera) really makes a difference! Much more pronounced 3-D effect!

Well still cool as hell as hell and am sure will be implemented in a YUMMY WAY.

Anyway hope this has helped someone, somewhere, out there. Peace.

edit: removed reference to theft of intellectual property. benpaddlejones :)

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