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After connecting the wiimote to the mi notebook (Dell Inspiron) with WiimoteConnect, I can't run applications (WiinRemote, Smoothboard, VR desktop, etc).

the wiimote successfully connects using thex app or the "traditional" windows method but I get error messages when I try to run the apps:

no activity in the Motion Sensor graphs and the IR sensor window
but the wiimote image on the left side of the app is highlighted (controller detected)...

Error message: "Exception: Error reading data from Wiimote... is it connected?"
After running this app, the 3 flashing lights of the wiimote stops blinking and the first light stays permanently on, but the wiimote is not recognized...

Desktop VR:
Error message: "Cannot find a wii remote... Error reading data from Wiimote... is it connected?"

Run all windows updates
Updated all HID drivers

OS: Win Vista Premium Home Premuim SP 1
BT Stack: MS Bluetooth v6.0.6001.22168
.net: 3.5

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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