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Project Ideas / using 2 wii's to follow 2 different hands
« on: February 14, 2009, 08:53:55 PM »
Hi all,
I was just browsing different youtube videos and just thought of an idea of how to get 2 wiimote to each follow 2 hands, and know which is which (which is left and which is right). This is just on the top of my head and I can't think of practical uses for this, so maybe someone has an idea for uses.

The idea is to change one of the wiimotes filters, and use different frequency leds on each hand (worn on a glove). A maximum of 8 points tracked. That way maybe you can do a 2 handed minority report sort of thing. Initialization (so each wiimote knows where it is) may be a problem but there should be a walk around.

another idea is to use it to track 2 different people on the head tracking (maybe split the screen in 2).

This is just an initial idea. Please tell me what you think (if you can find uses for this).


Hi all,
      I am thinking of taking apart the wiimote camera (using johnnies tutorial) and connecting it to a micro controller.  Before I do this i was wondering if anyone knows of camera's that can be baught (like the pixart camera), that have a built in dsp that can track a number of points of light and can relay the information to a microcontroller (i doesn't matter how). Unfortunatly pixart doesn't sell the wiimote type camera, nore does it provide a data sheet.

I need this for a robot that tracks a ball which emits ir light.


Say Hi! / hi from israel
« on: February 03, 2009, 03:41:36 PM »
Hi all,
      I am an computer engineering student and also working as a high school teacher teaching robotics. I have been a great fan of this project from quite a while, and a great fan of Johnny Lee's research in general. The school I work in has recently aquired a projector for the robotics lab, and i have a wiimote at home. I'm very excited about trying the white board out.

In general I am very interested in the wiimote (it holds alot of sensors and is really cheap for what i holds). I want to try to take appart the wiimote and hook up the different parts to a microcontroller (has anyone here tried to use the sensors directly? I recently saw a site where they finally managed to reverse engineer the camera.

I am hoping to be more a part of this community and try to contrabute when I get more aquanted with the project.


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