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IR Pens / Choice of IR Led ?!
« on: February 15, 2009, 10:45:12 AM »
Hello all,
First, sry for my english, im french ;)( plz correct me ;))
I want to create an IR Pen and an IR array.
 - I see that the TSAL6400 is the best for IR Pen. I want to know, if the TSAL6400 (50/1.5V) is the best for array ? Or if a led with a greater angle will not be better ?
 - I want to know if somebody already has tryed a 950nm LED (like : TSUS5400 (44) or TSUS5202 (30) at 1.3V , or maybe at 1.6V TSAL5300 (44) or TSAL6100 (20) ?

Other question if i put a TSAL6400 on a 1.5V battery(AAA), do i must use a resistor ?

Thanks for all !

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