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How do I enable 2 displays in presenter mode so curser can go across two screens.  Currently when I select screen 1 and 2, it just overlaps.  I thought that i could split the area and span 2 screens.  Is there a setting to make this happen? ???

I have a permanent connection using USB power adapter plugged into a ceiling outlet next to projector.  To keep it permanently connected, the PC that the Wiimote connects to is never turned off.  The only thing that gets powered off everyday is the projector.  Thinking about using Nyco power charger to power second wiimote used for presenter.  While on the charger will the wiimote maintain the bluetooth connectivity?  Has anyone used the Nyco charger for this purpose?

Say Hi! / Aloha from Hawaii
« on: February 19, 2009, 03:44:26 AM »
Aloha from Hawaii. Just started setting up my WII WhiteBoard

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