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Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Micro Bluetooth Dongle
« on: May 07, 2009, 10:36:10 PM »
Hey guys,

Sorry about my english in the first place, its terrible  :-X I'll try to post this correctly

I just bought a Micro Bluetooth Dongle, like this picture below:

It works absolutely fine on Ubuntu 9.04. I'm using it with XBMC and wiimote, its amazing! :D

But right now, im trying to use it with wiimote on Windows, and i'm stuck!  :-X I almost try anything that i found on google. I did try to use it with the Windows Bluetooth stack, i already installed BlueSoleil and Widcomm drives, but nothing works so far.

I can send or receive pictures from my mobile, and for this purpose, its working great. But, when i try to use with wiimote, the connection is good (in all three tests with BlueSoleil, Widcomm, etc), but all i can do is turn on the LEDs with GlovePie. Nothing else works, accelerometer, buttons, nothing!!  :(

Here's some screenshots that might help understand what im saying;

you can see that WiinRemote is active and it can recognize the wiimote, but nothing works.

If i try to use GlovePie, and run any *.PIE files, all i've got is some results with the LEDs, nothing else.

I had try this on Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows XP SP2. I'm very disappointing with Windows right now. This dongle works fine on Linux, every single thing in wiimote works just great.

But I really want to use it on Windows (for games, etc).

I really need your help guys, is there something i could do? Maybe a procedure that i forgot?

Cheers from Brasil!  ;D

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