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Hi All,

I have written a lightweight Java Whiteboard application which can be used hand in hand with Uwe's wiimote calibration software. I actually still use Johnny Lee's software and it works fine.

The reason I did this was that I do quite a bit of presenting and developing and found lots of issues with existing whiteboard software that just didn't do what I wanted it to do. Either they were too heavyweight with features I just didn't want or they cost money or they just didn't have the features I needed. So, I did something about it and I wrote my own.

The application now works on versions of Java back to Java 5 thanks to Timothy Wall and the team at the JNA project

Some features that I think make it stand out are :
  • Designed with Wiimote and IR Pen in mind. I.e. A simple input device of IR Pen with one button
  • Light weight and simple interface compared with other whiteboard and paint software
  • Ability to work on a whiteboard bigger than your screen - Variable sized whiteboard up to 16 times the size of screen (can change to other multiples but it suits my needs for now)
  • Take snapshots and reload them anytime using a very simple preview panel to choose old boards.
  • Illustrate working software using scratchpad
  • Ability to click through to applications underneath the scratchpad when you need to
  • Load up any image as a starting point, not just images you have drawn using the software
  • Single Jar file deployable using OneJar. No more seperate dependancies thanks to Simon Tuffs
  • My handwriting tends to slope downwards when writing on the board so I have included a feature that puts guidlines on the screen vertically and/or horizontally - These can be included in the drawring snapshots or not as you like.

Help documentation can be found in the same location as the download for the application

Launch with java -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Xmx1024m -jar MassiveBoard-1_3_3.jar (the -Xmx1024m is not necessary unless you plan to create a LOT of images and never clean them out)

AND away you go. Start to draw using the IR pen. (Clearly, you can test it with just the mouse)

The project has been uploaded to the downloads section of Wiimote Projects->Whiteboard
You can find documentation, a Windows exe for easier launching (optional) and the application JAR file there.

All of the above can also be found at or (accept non-root signed certificate)

Please send me some feedback, defects, requests for new features etc...

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