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How to avoid password/keyword for RVL-CNT-01 ?

Bluetooth on my Asus EeePC 1000 H does work and it finds the Wiimote too. I'm following connection Sequence as descibed in:
But the screen at step 6 is different and ONLY allows to enter a keyword for BT-pairing. I have no idea, what this could be, how I could skip this step and I have very few experience with BT. I'm using WinXP SP2. I think screenshots wouldn't do a lot as I am from Germany and all the text in the windows is in german.
Because I want to use this system for school teaching I would be very pleased if anyone could help me. I have already tried to find an answer, but found it difficult to find the correct terms (?), so I'm not sure if I maybe missed the already posted answer. If so please excuse me.

Thanks... :-)

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