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Hey guys!

I have been having connecting more than one wiimote at a time:

I use vista32 and have an integrated CSR bluetooth chip on my laptop.
I have successfully connected to and used a wiimote with the widcomm stack and the (default) bluesoleil stack.

Freetrack v2.2 is my main requirement, and some sort of whiteboard application secondary. I was hoping I could use both at the same time, each using its own wiimote, but:

When I connect the second wiimote, it is also called "RVL-CNT-01". Most "guides" I have found online mention that the numbering should increment with every wiimote I add. I even tried with a third wiimote, but all three were called "RVL-CNT-01".

The same thing happened after experimenting with the MS stack, widcomm and bluesoleil.

I have tried the "wiimoteconnect" program too. It might connect to all 3 wiimotes, but disconnects from 2 others immediately. I had this behaviour on other occasions too.

Even though I had both wiimotes connect with the same name, smoothboard could work with both.

However, I need a way to distinguish between them so I can select the appropriate one to use for free track and use the then unused one with a whiteboard application.

I hope there is way to solve this! Are there any "out of the box" solutions too?
My ultimate goal is to project DCS black shark (a flight sim) onto the wall, and use one wiimote to track my headmotion (move/look around the cockpit) and use the other wiimote to have "an interactive whiteboard" which in this case means an interactive fully clickable cockpit :)

Thanks in advance,

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