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Hi all,

I've read through the various stickies and other threads in this forum but I still haven't been able to solve my connection issues.  The relevant setup details are as follows:

Windows 7 64 bit on my desktop, Windows Vista 32 bit on my laptop
Latest Widcomm drivers, Asus BT21 bluetooth dongle

This bluetooth device is on the list of compatible devices.  I have tried to connect it with the windows default bluetooth software to no avail:  the lights continue to flash on the wiimote, and with various programs the best I can get out of it is a rumble .ect, but no output data.  Apparently this device is only compatible with the widcomm drivers, and thanks to a poster on this forum, I was able to skip the pairing process and everything went ok - except it still doesn't output!  I've tried smoothboard too, same deal, and I get that error about checking whether a Wiimote is connected.

Does anyone know what I can do, or if not, should I just buy a new BT dongle that is compatible with the default windows 7 drivers?

Thanks in advance, I'm keen to do some wiimote gaming!

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