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Got the new batteries, still doesn't work... totally lost.

I uninstalled BlueSoleil, the windows 7 bt stack hasn't been working but to be honest I have yet to throw in new batteries, I was busy building the ired pen.  Buying new batteries tonight, will keep you updated.

So I have a nykon wand, a rocketfish bluetooth dongle, windows 7 and I also downloaded and tried bluesoleil, and for the life of me I can't get everything to connect.  I can get my computer to recognize that a "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" Controller is out there, and either when I use BlueSoleil or the driver that I already had (not sure if it was the Rocketfish one or was already on Windows (looked like it was a windows 7 driver) it will tell me that it connected, but the lights on my wand never look like they link up (they will flash, but then just go black) and I can't get smoothboard or Johnny Lee's program to recognize that there is even a wiimote there.  Then either through BlueSoleil or the other driver, when I click on the wand after a little while, it just tells me it is not connected anymore.  Any ideas, anyone? 

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