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IR Pens / Economy Infrared IR Pen From level2level - LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED
« on: September 22, 2010, 03:23:40 PM »
Infrared (IR) Pen for Wii Remote Interactive Whiteboard
Don't Pay $9.99 !!! Save Over 30% !!!
Shipping is $1.89 for (1) IR Pen, Each Additional Pen Ships FREE!!!


1. VISHAY TSAL6400 Infrared LED
Size : 5mm
Wavelength : 940nm
Viewing angle : 50
Forward voltage : 1.35V
Forward current : 100 mA
Radiant intensity : 40 mW/Sr

2.  (3) - AG10 : 1.5v Batteries

3. Push-Button Pen Cap and Pen case


Hi Everyone,

I recently tried building this pen, and had nothing but trouble.  I used Deal extreme and got the pens for about $3.40, 3 weeks later...  I have been trying to use the Vishay TSAL6400 and here are my dilemma's;

1. Like stated above I ruined the first two pens trying to remove the cap. I tried using Gaffers tape around the top, rubber bands, and shop towels.  The rubber bands worked best but still scratched the cap, other than shrink tubing, has anyone found a remedy?

2. Connecting the IRLED, sighhh... ruined the first one by burning the board. The second one I connected and tested... laser works, the IR works but it turns on and then off immediately. So does anyone has a video tutorial, or tips on how they assembled the pen?


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