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The Wiimote will indeed stop being in discovery mode after about 20 seconds.

This should not be an issue as the Wiimote should be connected completely within 20 seconds.

You may want to keep pressing the 1+2 buttons repetitively to ensure that the Wiimote is in discovery mode continuously.

Boon Jin

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The problem is that the projector, computer and the wiimote are conected to the power source at the same time. Therefore, when Windows boots, the wiimote is no longer in discovery mode.

Is there a way I can keep the Wiimote constantly in discovery mode untill it connects to the computer?

Allowing the teacher to power the Wiimote separately from the computer will require a lot of rewiring.

Thanks again.

Hi guys.

I Am trying to install a Wiimote Whiteboard system. I followed instructions on how to place the wiimote on the ceiling.

The instructions (same as several other sources on the web, including this forum) say that keeping the 1 + 2 buttons presses will keep the wiimote in discovery mode untill the computer discovers it.

But, in my case the wiimote gets out of discovery mode in 20 seconds, regarless I press and keep 1+2 all the time.

Anyone had a similar problem, or has an idea how to keep the wiimote in discovery mode for more than 20 seconds, untill it is discovered?

Thank you in advance.

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