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I want to collect in this thread links to cheap video projectors which could be used for setups like the "table top computer board games" suggested by Wiweeyum here.

I'll start with a pretty expensive but very compact one I've found, and the game here is to find a video projector (let me say, at least 320x240 resolution) with inferior retail price. Not used stuff, I want to know if some company around is building and selling projectors which could be used for a standard setup for table top computer board games.

Not to necro this thread. but I was handed one of these bad boys:

Yes, it's cheap, and yes it's very China BUT for the price it's really not that bad. So for all of those on the fence about getting a project fairly cheap (much better than the Zoombox ..that's like viewmaster!) it's not bad. But YOU HAVE TO BE IN TOTAL DARKNESS. I originally used it in a partially lit room with lackluster results. Hot me back if anyone has any questions about it.

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