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thanks for your reply!

I was thinking of sticking reflective tape on the mouse and then using a LED array behind the Wiimote. Will this decrease the resolution severly?

Cheers, Lottie

Hi Guys,

I am a total newbie to the Wiimote Project. So I am glad to get some help with my project.

I am currently at University and working on a robot which makes it essential to track the pose of a mouse, connected to the robot. As the mouse does only small movements, my question is: what resolution and accuracy can I expect from a Wiimote tracking system? Has anyone done something similar?

Furthermore, as I am not very experienced in C++/C I would like to work with Matlab instead. Is there a Matlab to Wiimote interface?

Thanks for your help!


....just to make sure, I am talking about an actual mouse (the animal).

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