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yes i have, but if i connect wiimote, that device installed automatic.

yes, i've turn off windows update for device , but it still fail. i've new screenshoot my device manager
is there any conflict on my device? coz i don't know HID-compliant consumer control device and bluetooth remote control come from.


As you are using Windows 7, the Windows Update for device driver installation update is activated by default. The operating system is looking for the drivers online and the Wiimote may be disconnected before the connection has been made successfully.

Please do refer to the Smoothboard User Guide which should solve your issue.

Boon Jin
thanks boonjin for fast reply,

i've been reinstall my windows, but still the same, i think my wiimote is the problem, is there any different between pres 1+2 and sync button? because my laptop didn't install wiimote device after i'm press wiimote sync button.

here i attached the screenshot again. its all fail, and no device unpuged


If you are connecting the Wiimote manually with the Widcomm Bluetooth stack, you may need to remove the Wiimote device before reconnecting.

Also, you may want to check whether the HID service is running on your computer. This can be done as follows
# In the Start Menu, click Run and enter "services.msc" and click enter.
# In the Service window, find for Human Interface Device Access
# Make sure that the device is started, if not right click and click on Start

You may want to try to use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack and use Smoothboard's SmoothConnect to help you connect the Wiimote.

You may install the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack with the tool from

Boon Jin
thans boon jin
I've trying this, and i've start HID Service but stil the same, its alway unplug or failed, i've using unregister version of smoothboard to help me connect wiimote, but still the same.

i've attached screenshoot in this reply

i'am using widcom bluetooth that come from my lenovo g460, first time iam using wiimote it work, but after i update my bluetooth driver its become error (error code 10), I don't know what happen, i've try to uninstall bluetooth driver and install using the old one. its just the same, always fail.

anyone can help solve my problem?

ps:sorry for bad english

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