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Say Hi! / Portuguese in the house!
« on: March 10, 2008, 10:46:32 PM »

My name is Ricardo, I'm from Portugal, I'm doing my Masters in Mec E at UMBC and I first heard of the Head Tracking in a seminar ???... The speaker was a Professor at Iowa State Univ in Virtual Reality.
When I got home I went straight to the laptop and thrashed youtube  :D... From there I went to Johnny Lee home page and... Here I am! Trying to get all the stuff to play with the Wii...  ;D
By the way... Johnny... Have you already been contacted by Nintendo?! It seems that you might get a job there... I sure wouldn't be surprised.  ;) As a friend of mine PS3 "blind" enthusiast told me while watching your videos "This takes Wii to a hole new level!"

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