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I've tried that, under right click of "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" (Peripheral Device) are: Disable, Status, and properties
here are some screenshots:

What do i do from here

I did this, skipped paring, shows up on my device list but as disconnected, dont know what to do from here.

I tried several different things:

Bluesoile - Does not detect my internal bluetooth

Toshiba Stack - Does not detect my internal bluetooth

I managed to get the bluetooth to show up on the device list for my original bluetooth thing from windows.

So the wiimote is on my device list (edit: by skipping pairing), but it neither sends nor recieves data, says it is not connected under properties, and johnny's programs dont detect it.   I feel like im close with this one, since its already on my device list..

I just need help with one way.. or another solution. Thanks

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