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YES!!! i think i figured it out. i've had this problem for a while, somewhere in between connecting and opening the program there was a problem. going over all the different threads helped me out, but this is what i did:
*note that i'm using windows vista on a dell xps m1330 laptop with external bluetooth cause bluesoilel doesn't work with integrated bluetooth for some reason.*

1) check the HID drivers, i had two because i borrowed a friends wiimote to test before i bought mine. His worked but mine didn't
2) go to bluetooth places where your wiimote is listed
3) unplug and delete it if it's already there, ensure it's not on your bluetooth device list. Now when i did this the driver in my HID list disappeared (both of them since i deleted both)
4) finally i re-added my current wii-mote and only one driver appeared so it worked again.

Linking to the last post i think that having a second wiimote cause some sort of problem. In any case i deleted the first (and second) then added the second. Now it works. Can't say for sure that this is a dead on solution for everyone, but this is what i did and maybe this will help someone else.

Good luck!

I as well am havinjg a problem similar to this, and there must be a way to fix this, i assume that it is a driver issue or some sort of issue with our HID Devices ill explain what i mean.

When i connect the wii-mote to the computer Bluetooth reads it as connected as an HID Device so when i try to connect, Not found? Well, it is. but the computer doesnt think so, i went to device manager and in your Human Interface devices you have your remote connection (Bluetooth HID Device) Only it has a yellow Exclamation mark next to it. and if you open it, it tells you that the device could not be started. Theres the problem, the driver cant start the device, i have searched all over for an OLDER driver to try it, or even a different driver, but Vista + Blue Soleill Creates that same driver everytime to connect, all other devices work properly, I hope that there is enough detail in that information for people to give some quick trouble shooting ideas out, maybe one will work :) Thanks.

Is your bluetooth internal/integrated or external? I totally skipped any software from microsoft, i knew right away that the wiimote was unlikely to connect with the software on my computer. Bluesoleil is a driver/software it has everything you need to connect the device and start sending data. But again that totally depends on what kind of bluetooth adapter you have and what version of windows your using.

I already started another thread about this but bluesoleil doesn't work with internal bluetooth from what i've been hearing from a bunch of sources and my own experience. The best solution so far with internal is to buy an external adapter and use that instead. You can get a cheap BT Adapter from deal extreme for 8 bucks with free shipping.

Use bluesoleil the bluetooth software that johnny put a link to in his project page. It'll find it for you and and connect, keep in mind that you have to hold down 1+2 buttons on the wiimote throughout the entire connection process. I had to do it twice, once with discovery and the second during connection.

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Re: iBook G4 connection
« on: April 30, 2008, 02:36:09 AM »
did'ya try holding the 1+2 buttons through the entire connection status?
When i did mine i had to hold them down so it could find it, then again when it was connecting for sharing.

I was pretty discouraged when i read on all these forums that people couldn't connect the bluetooth but I finally got it to work. This is for my Dell XPS M1330 laptop with vista Home premium. The biggest negative part of my solution is that it requires you to use an external bluetooth adapter. Thats really the only catch, bluesoleil will work with it on vista machines using it's 5.x versions. This isn't a bad solution either, i'm sure your thinking of external costs but the bluetooth adapter i was using was a simple usb one i got from dealextream for 8 bucks (free shipping).

Have fun and good luck!

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