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it seems (on my pc's) that the bleusoliel driver in combination with sp2 crashes when trying to get to te data from the wiimote's 'ir-camera'

I downloaded an older version of the driver (5.0) and i had to get another bt-stick to beacouse it didn't work whit that version but now it works!!!

now lest's start making an ir-pen becouse the tv's remote dousn't worke that well ;D

wie weet

tested it on an other computer to and it didn't work on that one either  :'( :'(
maybe someone can test it whit another bluetooth adapter?? (I tried with one from a friend but it seems that it isn't supported by bluesoliel)

also tried the march update for directX sdk but that didn't help either.

someone got any idea's ???

thanks wieweet


when i open the Wiimote Whiteboard program my pc just restarts.
i tried some to program some code in glovePie to.
it seems that my pc restarts when I try to calculate the yaw of the remote.

Code: [Select]
if Wiimote.dot1vis
  var.yaw = atan((512-Wiimote.dot1x)/600)
end if
debug = var.yaw+', '+Wiimote.pitch+', '+Wiimote.Roll

that's the code i used that makes it crash in glovePie.

windows sp pro sp2
jabra A320s bluetooth stereo USB adaptor
newest bluesoleil 6

pleas help me to get it wroking. i would realy love to use the program.


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