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inio, how does your research go?will it be based on freeware or based on cost. I spent most of my money getting max and my computer set up ;) keep us informed because that could be quite useful...

Wiimote Gaming & Flash Gaming Projects / Wii Remote and 3d Studio Max
« on: June 08, 2008, 06:57:59 PM »
G'day everyone,

Im kinda new here, and I've been looking around - I've been using the Wii Remote with Glove Pie for a while, however some of the techniques Johnny has been demonstrating has got me thinking.

I do a bit of freelance 3d graphics, and I was curious if the wee remote could be used as a sort of 3D mouse, particularly when editing a mesh it would be seriously cool (and fun) to use the wiimote as if you were sculpting the mesh by press one button and circle the verticies you want then press the trigger and pull away from the monitor to pull the selected vertices out or push the wiimote forward which in turn pushes the verticies backwards, or moving the wiimote on a X/Y plane to move the vertices up or down or to the left or right.

Im probably dreaming, but I reckong the wiimote has definite potential there...

Any ideas?

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