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Yea, there are many uses with more than 2 wiimotes but not many people have two or more wiimotes. The problem was with the previous version, when I developed the 2 wiimotes support, not many people actually used two wiimotes (unless they kept quiet about it). :)

I will look into how to make additional wiimotes to be more useful. (will incur more cost for me...heheh)

Thanks again for your ideas.


I use 2 wiimotes every day and it works great!  I just wanted to let you know that your multiple wiimote support was not in vain!  I keep them hooked up as whiteboard + presenter all the time.  Thanks!!

IR Pens / Re: IR Pens from
« on: September 22, 2008, 09:19:33 PM »
I've bought pens from three other retailers and Tino's is by far the best!  His pens work great with any setup and are perfect for teachers writing on a projected image!  By using a AAA battery, his light source is more powerful, and therefore is seen more clearly by the wiimote.  Tino is extremely helpful and worked with me when I had questions.  A+ seller and an A+ pen!

IR Pens / Re: Tip Switch IR Pen
« on: September 20, 2008, 07:12:41 PM »
I have been working on a prototype IR pen with a tip switch (see the link)

Basically the tip switch turns the LED on when you press/touch the pen tip to the whiteboard/screen surface and turns the LED off when you lift the pen tip off the surface

It works great "writing" on a laptop screen but I am working on improving the LED brightness for working on a projected image on a whiteboard.

Is this something of interest to you?


I love the look of your pen!  I agree, as long as it is functionable with a projected image, this would be a very hot item!  For teachers, this would make the whiteboard much more user friendly for the students who don't get as much "practice" with the original pens! I would definately buy one!


Hi jmatson,

It looks like it is an issue with the settings file.
Did you try deleting the settings file (.ini) in the main folder?

The problem only occurs when you use Whiteboard and Presenter simultaneously?


Thanks Boonjin, I will delete the file on Monday when I get back to school.  I deleted the whole application, including the settings file twice already to fix the issue.  I wonder if I should download the folder again instead of using the one that is on my hard drive.  Yes, it only does it when I use the Whiteboard and presenter simultaneously.  Thanks for your help.  I'll let you know if this doesn't fix it.

Boon Jin,
I love the newest version.  However, I have a question about something that sometimes happen when I use it as a whiteboard and presenter simultaneously with 2 wiimotes.  After using it in this manner, once I close out of the application and try to open it back up again, it does not recognize my controllers.  The battery bar is grayed out and I've tried re-syncing the wiimotes and even restarting the program with only 1 wiimote.  Both times this has happened I have had to completely delete the program and re-install it.  I actually tried to just delete the exe file and then copy the original exe file back into the Smoothboard 4.6 folder.  This did not work, but when I deleted the whole folder and reinstalled it, the problem is fixed.  Is there something I am doing wrong when using it as a presenter and whiteboard?  Or have others experienced a similar issue?  Thanks for any feedback on this matter.

New user here, having trouble getting this program working.
I'm using a Vishay 6400 IR Pen, OS is Windows XP; Bluetooth Adapter is Rocketfish (from Best Buy).
.NET Framework 3.5 is installed

I keep getting the “No Wiimotes found in HID device list" error.

I am able to use Uwe's program though.

These are the steps I've gone through to "find" my Wii:
1) Click on "My Bluetooth Places" on desktop
2)Select Nintentdo RVL-CNT-01 Peripheral Device
3) Click "Add the selected Bluetooth Device"
4) Skip pairing
5) Press the Wii's 1 & 2 buttons so it shows up in the next search screen.
6) Select the Wii.
7) The Nintentdo RVL-CNT-01 now shows up in a new window, "Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood" with the green arrows facing each other.  The Wii itself has the blue lights blinking now the whole time.
8) Start Smoothboard, get error message.
9) Post on this board!

Any help?


Is your wiimote powered from batteries or from an ac converter?  Because I receive the same message sometimes when running the wiimote from an ac to dc converter.

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: wiimote calibration
« on: September 06, 2008, 08:48:23 AM »
one more thing, sometimes, even my wiimote at the same place and all the setting are the same, but when i do the calibration, the utility percentage is always different. y is that so? it it because of the lights that are affecting it?

Another matter, every time i do calibration, sometime i need to cover the IR pen tip in order to calibrate if not the calibration point will jump to the bottom before i even touch the top right of the calibration point.

is the problem lies with my IR pen? or johnny lee program is like this? cause i saw johnny lee video, when he do calibration is like so simple and easy to get it done. So i was wondering why is it different from mine.

Hope someone can help me solve my problems

Thank you sooo much :)


If you are aiming the wiimote at your computer screen, then the LED's for the power/bluetooth/wi-fi will interfere with your pen.  You need to cover them up with something the infrared light cannot permeate through.  But be careful, because some things such as tape will still let light through and continue interfering with the pen and therefore your initial calibration. 

IR Pens / Re: Ready to buy IR Pen
« on: September 02, 2008, 06:24:08 PM »
If anyone is interested I am offering to build pens for this initiative.  I'm selling these for 19.95 plus shipping and handling and I am located in Rochester, NY.

Our pens include the following specifications:

  • Refurbished Whiteboard/Highlighter markers
  • TSAL6400 LED
  • 5 mm surface mount tact switch (.25mm travel)
  • 12V battery
  • Size "N" holder
  • 120 ohm 2 watt resistor (for 100 ma current - LED Calculator)

The button is designed to be used by your index finger, or your thumb.  You can contact me through my site if you would like.
Tino Agnitti
Rochester, NY
Not tryin' to get rich, just tryin' to pay for my expensive hobby :)

I have made 5 pens and bought pens from 3 different suppliers in this forum.  However, this pen is by far the best!  I highly recommend this pen and seller.  My pens have always worked, however, the other two I bought only worked well from a distance of about 3 feet away from the wiimote.  As a teacher using a projector, this is very unfeasible.  Pens that do not use at least an "n" size battery simply do not supply the amperage to work properly on anything aside from acting as a stylus with your computer.  Your lines will be dashed or "blocky" when writing with the pen.  To test this, video record a pen with an "N" or "AA" battery next to the LED of one with smaller batteries.  You will see a big difference in the light intensity. 

This seller, Tino, sent me a pen which I received only a few days after ordering.  He then took the time to call me and collaborate with several emails about the best way to implement it in my situation.  He even sent me another pen for free which he altered to meet the needs of my situation!

Next to Boonjin's software, this pen is the next best thing to hit the forum.  A+++  The button is small and easy to compress and the LED is nicely glued into the end of the marker.  This pen looks nice as you can see, however, it is not as "pretty" as some of the other ones.  But this one definitely definitely performs the best.  And after all, with this product, functionality is everything.  My school district will be using this seller whenever we buy additional pens. 

Site moderators - Is there a way that someone can create a topic at the top of the "Pens" forum in which suppliers can post their sites.  This way people don't have to filter through all the other topics if they want to find a pen to buy and everything can be in one simple location.  I think the lack of good pens being sold is one major reason the wiimote project has not taken off with even more people.  The pen is really the only thing aside from a wiimote that one needs to purchase or create.  Also, it would be great to have a topic in the whiteboard forum that always had a link to Boonjin's latest software.


I love the latest version!  I did notice however, that when using the presenter with powerpoint, it skips a slide when I hit the wiimote button emulating a keyboard press left or right.  So it is as I pushed a keyboard left or right twice in a row. 

Wiimote Smoothboard / Re: Wiimote Smooth Board 0.1 BETA
« on: July 11, 2008, 05:50:02 AM »
I can't wait to test it out!  Great work!


in order to use it in games you need the first script, the "headtracker" and not the "fishtank". This one needs 3 dots, as you can see in the youtube movie, so as to calculate not only the position of your head (X,Y,Z) but also its turning-axes (Pitch, Yaw and Roll).
Using a 3dot headset, simply run the script in glovepie, minimize the glovepie window, start the game, et voilà, that's it. (Glovepie simulates a virtual TrackIR-device)

I hope this helps you


Perfect!  Thanks for your help!  Do you have any ideas of how to make my 2 dot glasses into 3 dots?

here the demo:

I'll make a documentation as soon as I have time and I'm in the mood to do it :-)


BTW: in this demo I used a negativ "DotDepth" value, because the middle dot is *in front of* the others

Wow, I love what you have done with this!  Thank you!  I have a question though.  I used the fishtank one that uses the 2 dot glasses.  I can run the script and watch what happens to the cubes within glovepie, but how can I get it to work with TrackIR games like you did in the video.  I have downloaded the demo of "Live for Speed" from the TrackIR website you included.  Am I doing something wrong? 

I used the 9V plug on a universal DC power adapter, switching the voltage to 3V of course.  I cut a small notch in the side of the wiimote for the cord to get inside.  I used little tinfoil balls to maintain contact between the 9V adapter and the wiimote leads.  I used some erasers and plastic to maintain pressure.  If I get a chance I'll take a photo for you.

Thanks, I just bought one after reading your post!  A picture would be great if you get a chance. 

I like the push tip pen.  I have made a couple but none work flawlessly.  I can't seem to get the spring part just right and I end up having to push really hard, which turns out to be even less natural than the push-button type pen.  Also, do you just use a spring and then have one of the positive leads touch the positive terminal of the battery when pressed?  I would love to see how you put yours together when you have time to make another one.

The way I sync mine every day is this:
I have a rubber band holding a block of plastic over buttons 1 and 2 constantly.  The power drain is not a concern because I always have power supplied to it.

How do you supply constant power to the wiimote?  I have tried the AC to DC converter suggested in other threads but have had no luck.  I like the block of plastic idea.

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