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Dear ALL,

I am researching this project and try to make a workable demo from here, I have teh following:

1. USB dongle - runs with standard XP Pro. driver
2. Wii remote

I try to find a details setp by setp guide to explain how this work, but no luck, everyone say it is easy but I just couldnt get it work!!

I able to connect the BT with adding the wii remote into it, but my setup has no "pairing" button, and I am using no passkey right now.  Also some docs. said you can configure the wii remote via the "My BT place" again, i dont find this in my XP at all!!

I use some of those programs - WiimoteTUIO_v0.3 / WiimoteWhiteboard v0.2 / WiinRemote_v2006.12.25b, all reply said device not found, the last one able to open the UI, but once I click "ON", teh pointer fly to the top right concer and cannot move!!

I think someone must have a solution on this, can someone please advice me by setps which program and method I should use??

Thank you!!

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