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glovpie does seem to have some problems with the ms bt stack try to use wiimote presenter or the wii smoothboard
but if my programm works you definetely have the microsoft stack in use ;)

Ah OK, I see... good point. :-)

OK, as soon as I'm back home again (some weeks) I'll try this other software.

By the way:
Thanks a lot for your great piece of software - without your software and it's connection success, I maybe would not continue to try all this out... THANKS!

why do you think it uses widdcomm as your screenshot shows microsoft as the driver provider?

in your case my programm should work to connect the wiimote.

get it here WiimoteConnect 0.5


Well, I've read it somewhere and as you can see on the following screenshot, these widcomm drivers are installed on my notebbok:

And, I've already tested your programm and it works "some way"... it says, the wii mote is connected; but nevertheless I can't use the mote with GlovePie - there are no reaction, when I press any buttons or move the wii mote...

so what are your orginal drivers?
std xp/vista?

Well, I'm not exactly sure, but I have a DELL XPS 1530. AFAIK is this Modell using Widcomm-Drivers (see screenshot). And, my OS is Vista Home Premium (german).

Well, I got it to work on Vista with BlueSoleil 5.0, and XP with BLueSoleil 6.0, and worked immediately. It was trying to use other stacks that was the issue for me.

OK, first of all thanks a lot for your fast feedback. But I would like to use the "original" BT drivers of my XPS notebook. IMHO it's not a good idea to install to much drivers on a system if you want to keep it stable... and I want to keep my notebook tidy.

Anyway, to have this info of you is nice - maybe I'm gonne test it on my desktop PC - it's already quite "messy"... ;-)


Only the "testwiimote.pie" works in the way that the 2 blue lights starts flashing. If i use the "wiimote3d.pie" for example, nothing happens (no lights)?!?!?!

On Vista 32, was able to get it to work on XP.

Used the WidComm stack, and when I open WiinRemote it says that the controller is Active. But I can't see any output on the screen. Anyone ever have this issue? Any ideas for solutions?

Yes, I have a similar problem - here I took a screenshot from the situation (WiiMote is connected, but no signals are sent to the PC):

PLEASE, can anybody help us?!? I would love to use my WiiMote in combination with "NFS Most Wanted"...

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