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This is our setup. Attached. We cannot get the finger tracking to work properly nor the wiimote whiteboard, and we think it may be either the LEDs or the fact that we do not have the full version of bluesoleil, but no one ever wants to reply. Thanks. By the way, we are doing work for NASA and you would greatly be benefiting the Space Program if you help us out.

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Best position for wiimote?
« on: July 24, 2008, 01:18:05 PM »
Can anyone tell me the best position for the wiimote while using the whiteboard? Is it best to be real close to the screen or farther away.  I keep getting low tracking utilization scores and its not tracking very well.

no ur not too late...i just found it last week.  I cant remember the website but i had to google it and i found a legit version after a few websites

I have gooten it to work by downloading bluesoleil 2.3.  For some reason it was the 5 version that was causing it to crash.

I am trying to get my wiimote to work w/ my pc but everytime i try to run a wii app, it crashes.  I am using bluesoleil 5 demo version and have tried it on 4 different pc including one with vista.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Please respond ASAP.  Thanks

I am trying to get my wiimote to work with the pc, but every time i try to run an app, it crashes.  I only have the demo version of Bluesoleil, so I am wondering if that is the problem.  I am using glovepie and rmx.

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