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Wiimote accelerometer & motions detecting projects / Working Projects
« on: July 14, 2008, 09:51:19 AM »
I work with outreach at Penn State University as my current summer job. I graduated from their NMT program and have a slight electronics background. Summer camps for high school students come to the nano facility and learn about nanotechnology for 3 day camps. One of the demonstrations I give is a "MEMS lecture" to communicate the concept of microelectromechanical systems to a bunch of teenagers, I give a brief powerpoint on MEMS where the kids see some applications (like air bag crash sensors for vehicles. Then I pull out a WiiMote and talk about the accelerometers and gyro in that. They all know about Wii, so its really cool to have something that they can relate MEMS to. I have a wii track that I have constructed that they slide the wiimote down, and we gather acceleration data with. (very cool) And then I set up a wireless smartboard with a portable projector and an infrared pen I put together. They think its amazing and alot of them go home to mess around with it. I use Johnny Lee's wiimote whiteboard v0.2. At home I am working the bugs out of head tracking. I am totally excited to see some 3d games come out for PC with the infrared sensor. I want to thank these guys for putting their work online and making it so user friendly. Its alot of fun.

I know this isn't really a fix for your bluesoleil problem, but I had the same thing happening on both XP and Vista.

Instead of messing with the fixes, I just used Widcomm as a bluetooth driver. Widcomm is all around easier.

It worked well with the WiiMote and all of the applications I have tried have worked fine.

Other / Re: I Built An IR Array That Didn't Work
« on: July 02, 2008, 02:26:01 PM »
this type of configuration would work great- you can put the LEDs in any orentation, but connect them like his schematic shows.

Other / Re: I Built An IR Array That Didn't Work
« on: July 02, 2008, 02:20:27 PM »
I think what is being said that may not be obvious to persons not electronically inclined is that to power 90 LEDs in series would require a huge amount of current. Since there is a voltage drop over each LED, the current through the total circuit would be very low from a 9v battery. Maybe that is a poor explanation, but the point of it all in the end is that parallel circuits are necessary. For that large number of infrared sources multiple power sources may be required or transistors to amplify current. i would recommend multiple rows of 10 LEDs in series. Then put all of these series in parallel with each other. Your source is still over-kill. I am wondering if pet heat lamps would produce the right frequency to be used with a wiimote. Perhaps a shiny aluminum bulb reflector could be used with a 60W lightbulb and simply shone in your desired direction?

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