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The best procedure I have found to reconnect is simply :

1) delete the "Virtual Bluetooth HID" in the hardware manager of windows
2) press 1 & 2 on the wiimote.
3) windows redetects a new hardware and reinstalls it
4) if needed, make it re-indentified with the "add a bluetooth peripheral" procedure of the belkin software.

General Discussion / Re: Wireless sensor bar
« on: July 10, 2008, 12:34:00 PM »
Here is the one I bought yesterday.
Not tested yet due to the bluetooth cnx problems I described in another post.
Runs on 4 AAA battery or wii power supply.

Works Fine. The wiimote actually just sees 2 dots even though actually there are 6 IR leds. This is because they are in 2 groups of 3 (each of the 3 in a different direction) and the wiimote doesn't separate the 3 leds except from below 2-3 feet.

The wiimote seems to keep good track of the IR Dots. Even when moving or rotating very fast.
They don’t get mixed and keep quite well their ordering as raw output from the WIIMOTE.
The first DOT that appears gets position 0 , next 1 , next 2, next 3 .
If 2 appear simultaneously, one cannot make an assumption on their assignment.

General Discussion / IR Camera Distortion
« on: July 09, 2008, 09:10:09 AM »
Does the camera return normalized undistorted IR dot positions ?
I would assume it doesn't and just return raw ccd processing results.
Did you hear of anybody who tried to compute the typical OpenCV calibration file for the wiimote camera ?

(You need a disto calibration file if you really want to get accurate position estimation)

I have installed them on another computer, with no problem.
So I came back to my PC, reinstalled again the belkin/widcomm drivers.
But this time, I have connected the usb bluetooth key to another USB port.
And the wiimotes where correctly identified...and connected.
So I suspect some usb/bluetooth driver mess.
I didn't dare to say that I had connected several weeks ago another usb bluetooth key with bluesoleil drivers on the first usb port for some other preliminary tests with another (3rd) wiimote (and of course deinstalled its drivers).

So after some messing, changing of usb port might help.

When you are pairing your wiimote with your computer you don need to set any pin-code

if you have the option to pair devices without entering any code - choose that option


Thank you for loosing your time with this answer you gave in about 10 replies to posts like this.

Notice that I have read carefully many posts on that sort of subject.
This is to the point where I am wondering if nintendo did a firmware change recently in their wiimotes to prevent geeks to play with their device.
I bought my 2 wiimotes one week ago only.

I do obviously press on the button IGNORE when asked by a FIRST dialog box to ender the security code for a pairing, and the bluetooth connection process seems to continue normally. (but actually, no green arrows, no bluetooth connection)
But the one infobubble + dialog I show in my first post appears later and after about 10 seconds after all connection dialogs finished. And pressing CANCEL (ANNULER in french) on that box leads nowhere : no bluetooth connection.

It is as if the wiimote was insisting on requesting a security code.

General Discussion / Re: Wireless sensor bar
« on: July 07, 2008, 09:37:35 AM »
Here is the one I bought yesterday.
Not tested yet due to the bluetooth cnx problems I described in another post.
Runs on 4 AAA battery or wii power supply.

Does the way the list of the (up to 4) tracked IR dots is returned by the library/wiimote follows any logic ?
Can I make any assumption like :

-- the wiimote tries to track them like keeping first found first in the list ?
-- they get sorted from left to right then top to bottom in the camera image ?
-- they are sorted by decreasing size
-- cannot make any assumtion, can be totally random, with a potential flip every frame...

Does the library/wiimote have any internal state that makes it remember a previous found dot to assign it again the same order.

My Config : Bluetooth USB Key : Belkin USB Key F8T013XX1 (that is what is written on the key)  with Belkin WIDCOMM driver version
Windows XP. Dell Dimension 9200.

I, with pain succeded in connecting to my 2 wiimotes.
I ran my API that connected to both and it worked quite well.
The day after, it worked again.
So I wanted to test that I really had control over the whole process of bluetooth connection : big mistake !

Good Connection is indicated when the icons show a green arrow.

I disconnected the two wiimotes from bluetooth (deactivated the peripheral).
I removed the battery from one to be sure there was no bad interference.
And now, in the connection process, the green arrow appears only for a fraction of a second while selecting the service. The tray icon remains green a little longer, but this changes nothing.

Yes I tried to keep pressing 1+2, with no success.
I tried reinstalling the drivers with no success.
The batteries are Full.

And worst of all, I have now an info bubble that pops up over the tray icon 10sec after the failed process that says :

Personnal Bluetooth Code Mandatory.
The peripheral nintendo RVL-CNT-01 tries to connect to this computer. Click here to autorize the connection. To refuse,  discard this invite.

If I click on the bubble, a box appears. (here the french version)

It says "they have to be paired" blabla , OK/CANCEL/HELP...

Since I have no code, that leads me nowhere.
It really looks like over the count of connections, it was getting worse and worse. I mean : harder and harder to connect. I mean : the old one was harder to connect, then both, then the first got impossible, then the second one (Just an impression in the chaos).

Any Idea ?

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