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Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: IR connection problem
« on: July 22, 2008, 01:33:09 AM »
still disconnecting at same point  :(

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: IR connection problem
« on: July 19, 2008, 01:14:45 AM »
thank your for your quick reply.
I'm going to try the method as you suggested,
and post results here.

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / IR connection problem
« on: July 18, 2008, 07:35:19 PM »
hi everyone,

I could not run WiiWhiteboard on my XP desktop.

wiimote connects without any difficulty.
the problem arises after the WiiWhiteboard application starts.
a few seconds later wiimote disconnects. no error
message is displayed. with different versions of WiiWhiteboard
and WiimoteLib, and other applications using WiimoteLib (with IR
functionality) give the same result. the application starts
but does not work, hangs or crashes.

there're a lot of forum-posts saying bluetooth device and stack
may cause this type of connection problems. I tried seven different
bluetooth adapters with different bluetooth stacks.
two of the adapters are (Asus WL-BTD201M, Billionton GUBTCR42)
listed as working on this page:
others not listed, so they may work with wiimote.

any suitable pair from one of bluesoleil, widcomm, toshiba, microsoft
stacks (with any available versions) and one of the adapters did not
change the behaviour.

I suspected the problem may caused by the WiimoteLib code. interestingly
when I disabled IR-camera in the code, everything started working;
buttons, rumble, accelerometer. this is the change in the application code:

Code: [Select]
//SetReportType(InputReport.IRAccel, true);
SetReportType(InputReport.ButtonsAccel, true);

after a few debugging sessions, I found that the first "WriteReport" call
in "EnableIR" functions causes the connection end. I suspected that the
data values sent to wiimote may be in wrong order or there are missing
parts. after some googling I found different wiimote libraries, each using
different procedure to enable IR-camera. I tested most of these libraries'
IR-camera enabling procedure, but no luck.

if there's anyone experienced same problem, please help me.


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