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Wow. I clearly wasn't using delicious properly before. I did always wonder why people were so into that.
Lot's of good links there- nothing I've found that's -outstanding though-

That TI SDK looks great. I was thinking back to those projectors that attached to the TI's screen for an overhead. Kind of the same idea.


Might give these a look:


Kindlelab seems promising but I think the VirtualBoard takes care of most of the needs we would have for writing over graphics.

I did try to install edusim a while ago but received some error. After that I did not follow my curiosity any further. It looks primarily geared towards younger children. Is this the case?

Thanks for the info.

Hi. I work in a private (i.e. financially needy) K-12 school and have recently introduced a few of the tech-savvy faculty to the power of the Wii-IWB. Needless to say- they were amazed!  The setup I'm using currently is WiimoteConnect (with the windowsXP bluetooth stack) launching the latest Smooth-board. This works great and is a surprisingly easy process to show someone from power-on to connected.


The board works great and we've been having a great time using MSPaint- but that's about it. (I've shown them VirtualBoard too)
Anyone know of any free or otherwise applications that could help visualize math or science concepts? I realize this is a bit vague but I am really open to any input.


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