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Yeah i finally got it to recognize it after holding the sync button down in the back and then redetected it on bluetooth. my pen just has a weak light in it. i should've used the recommended one by Johnny Lee. Oh well i've been using glovepie recently which allows you to use your wiimote as your cursor (and other stuff) i'm sure you've heard of it and probably have experience with it. wiinremote is kinda the same but it only let's you use it as a cursor i think? i didn't like it too much so i just started using glovepie once i figured it out. if you haven't heard of it you should try it! it's pretty fun to use several different scripts for it (it even turns your wiimote into a lightsaber with the sounds coming from your PC when you swing it or hold B down and swing, it makes a sound like it's hitting something!)

OK i finally found out how to get out of that... i just held the sync button down with the batteries out for a few seconds (i don't know if this helps or not) then i held the sync button down with the batteries in for around 10 seconds, i've pushed the sync button several times and that didn't work so just hold it (if anyone has this problem), i then redected it with my bluetooth and it worked, and i found out the culprit is the wiinremote program so i guess they have some work to do for vista users maybe? i don't know, but i wish i could use that program coz my pen doesn't work too well. thanks for your time benpaddlejones!

yes i have gotten smoothboard and whiteboard both to work prior to this problem even though my IR pen isn't strong enough from what i can tell by looking at it through a cameraphone, still was able to at least draw okay in paint.

i'm not sure when these HIDs and BT devices were modified, all i know is that the remote control is the wiimote, not the game controller. which i have deleted and reinstalled and whatnot, even though it does that itself when detecting it.

Thank you Benpaddlejones for your time. I have run each check that you told me to look at. reinstalled my bluetooth drivers, cleared the registry using cccleaner the other one wouldn't work for some reason. i checked to see if my BT wouldconnect to my phone and it did and i transfered files and such. i've run all updates on HID stuff. reinstalled the remote, taken out the batteries and resynced etc etc

I have Vista SP1 Home Premium with an internal BT on a DELL inspiron 1720 which runs on the widcomm software (latest update). I connect by right clicking on my BT icon in the systray and i usually delete the previous wiimote before adding another.  This problem started yesterday after i have already tested the wiimotewhiteboard and smoothboard which it worked fine in with the IR pen that i built.

Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with the programs and my wiimote. I've been using wiimotesmoothboard, wiimotewhiteboard, glovepie, and wiinremote. I have 3 wiimotes and they all do not work (anymore). I have uninstalled my bluetooth and reinstalled it and I have downloaded thex's wiimoteconnect and that doesn't help although does make it easier to connect my wiimote at least.  My wiimote still flashes as if it was connected to my bluetooth and nothing else.
for wiimotesmoothboard i get the standard "error reading data from wiimote" but the program still loads up and the player 1 light remains lit as if it is connected how it used to work.
for wiimotewhiteboard i just get the standard error and the program doesn't load and the lights remain flashing.
i haven't tampered with glovepie because i downloaded this right before the problem started.
and wiinremote doesn't work really either although says i have an active wiiremote but i can't calibrate it or move it and the motion sensor screen doesn't show anything and neither does the IR screen (with an IR pen infront of it).

That's the lowdown of my problem, i hope the solution is simple as i am not a programmer but i guess i should learn sometime.
I'd appreciate any help!

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