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question: would it be possible through tweaking a projector to project precisely onto obscure angles? (i ask not being an expert with projectors)

Well really I would think it would be easier to use the computer to figure out what size and shape everything should be not the projector.  In Johnny Lee's Video the computer is generating what needs to be projected and what shape it should be.
aaah... i never thought of that!
i was scratching my head trying to think how the lamp output could be physically changed
but what you suggest makes more sense
i'll let you all know if johnny replies

i emailed johhny asking about the whole thing
he replied syaing that the hardware wasn't avaliable...
but: "you can construct a simple set of light sensors yourself using something like an Arduino microcontroller"

i googled arduino microcontroller... and came across
wow... that all looks amazingly interesting!!
wish there were more hours in the day!!

let me know what you guys think

i'll be looking into it myself...
but i think some of you maybe a few light years ahead of me and more clued up on how to make a wfirst orking prototpye - please post back if you have any luck!

i have replied saying: let's assume we can make the hardware... what next...?  how about the software? it seems as though you can do sooo many things
i'm sure you can code johnny's application with the commands available

question: would it be possible through tweaking a projector to project precisely onto obscure angles? (i ask not being an expert with projectors)
(i asked the same question in one of the other replies but didn't get answer! :( )

This happens to me all the time.  Every time someone shuts the door to my classroom, my wii-remote jiggles a little bit.  It's only a mm or so, but over 9ft that mm (like how I mix my customary and metric units?) is amplified into a good inch or so sometimes.  This happens almost as much with my real SMART board, but not as bad.

Ever since my school started buying SMART boards, I miss my smoothboard.
hmmm very interesting. i take it u are complaining about how it loses its accuracy?
i.e. when you touch the screen the mouse is an inch away?

not an expert (yet), but i'm pretty sure you can assign one of the outside areas to be a trigger to the recalibrate button for boonjin's application - so if you find it gets out of sync, just click on the outside, 4 more clicks... and you're repositioned back to normal

ben (or someone else), can you confirm the above suggestion is a good idea?
also... maybe we can ask boon to add it as an extra functionality so that maybe the whole screen doesn't go white and that after the 4th click the smoothboard application is not on top (does that make sense?)

thanks for the replies
just emailed him
i'm sure he'd too much of a celebrity thathe won't reply to the billions of emails he no doubt gets!
if he replies... i'll let you guys know

but the other thing: i can't quite figure out how it can be possible at all what he's done!!
he uses a standard projector????

ok... so johnny's got his special thing
question: would it be possible through tweaking a projector to project precisely onto obscure angles?
(i ask not being an expert with projectors)
let me know

Can someone tell me where I can get Johnny Lee's Automatic Projector Calibration from?

1. I need to make what he does for the hardware - are there any detailed instructions for this?

2. I assume he's using some software to the do the magic?

I can't come across ny downloads for software or anything else apart from the demo video?



Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Where can I get the source code from?
« on: November 23, 2008, 05:50:55 PM »

thanks for the reply
i'll definitely will give it one go - won't hurt to try
though from what you say... it won't work...
i'll let you know if i have any luck


thats brilliant and would be really helpful for a newbie
i *wish* you had posted before i had spent hours learning anf figuring outmyself :)

something else you can maybe add if you do a revision: be careful if your wiimote is low on batteries
maybe that's a general comment that can be applied overall
if your wiimote is low on batteries, it will connect and then quickly disonnect - despite you doing all of the correct steps

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Where can I get the source code from?
« on: November 22, 2008, 07:48:00 AM »
thanks for the reply
it's been a long time since i last programmed in java
but... i was sure it was possible to create standalone executable files?

actually... while wriing this reply, i did a google on the subject: you can create an exe with 3rd party applications

this is much more desirable - since the people who i would give the application to would be clueless to everything and all they want is to launch one file - and not do anything else!

do you know if creating an exe with a 3rd party application will cause any problems in anyway?

let me know

thanks for the reply.  damn... all that is sooo interesting!
i've spent sooo much time reading up and getting the wiimote to work
i think i've got another project with this touchscreen thing now!

question: is it possible to have the surface standing up, like a projector screen?
that's what i'd really like to have

AND, is there a good reason why all the videos i've seen are in the dark?

i don't recall seeing anything in daylight conditions?


I do a lot of work with the big $$$ IWB's ...

what's an iwb?
i have to admit, i've been doing a lot of thinking about how to commercialise and sell consultancy all revolving around the wiimote touchscreens
i'd be interested to know what you're doing!


i'm a big fan of dry witty humour


- projecting onto a pvc surface
- wiimote positioned at an angle 2ft above the height of the screen positioned 2ft left and pointing down

the setup i have been playing with is absolutely awesome: i'm projecting from the rear onto 4 surfaces
(these are speacial surfaces that you can use to rear project onto)
the surfeaces are attached to a transparent acrylic

when i have a proper setup, i'll make a video

let me know what you think

if this isn't a common problem, then maybe the problem was mine as the surface being projected onto wasn't secure

let me know what you think

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Where can I get the source code from?
« on: November 21, 2008, 01:41:51 PM »

i hadn't looked at before...
but you need to have java installed for your application?
would it be ok to create an executable file so that the application could be given to someone without java?
i thought i'd ask before trying

let me know


400 isn't cheap in my eyes - I built my own touchscreen for far less...using FTIR and a recycled and modified webcam
have u got any more details?
i've seen a few other links where people made rearprojections screens
did you do similar?
can you give me a few links to how to build a touch screen using a webcam?

Wiimote Smoothboard / Wiimote Smoothboard - mouse loses position gradually
« on: November 21, 2008, 01:36:18 PM »
I've been using Wiimote Smoothboard and am finidng that the mouse loses position very quickly
Starting off: it will be spot on...
But then a few minutes later it will be a centremeter off from where my infrared pen is

Has anyone else experienced this?



erm... you're right.  oops sorry. just found one message in spam folder. thanks

(also... the automatic email notification of thread replies doesn't seem to be working - i'm not getting emails when a thread i'm subscribed to gets replied to)  :(

I just tested it and its working fine.  I used a test user account and a gmail account and it works for me.

Might want to check your spam folder though.

Dice :)

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